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Banda Neira Destination (foto : dok)
Background and History

Banda Neira is one of the islands in the Banda Islands, Maluku, which has become witness of the colonialism history in Indonesia. Banda Neira been a nutmeg and mace trading center, because Banda Islands is the only source of those high value spices, until the mid-19th century. The modern city was established by VOC, who massacred Banda people for their nutmegs in 1621.

Currently Banda Neira is famous for its natural beauty and friendly community, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in eastern Indonesia.


Belgica Fort is a VOC fort built on a hill. You can see the beautiful scenery around him when you stood on the castle which was built in 1611 under the leadership of Governor-General Pieter Bot. Due to its strategic position, you can look all over the island from here.

VOC also built a place called Mini Neira Palace. The palace functioned as the residence of VOC Governor. This palace was built a year before the construction of the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta. In front of it lay a clear blue beaches and Banda Besar Island. There are large houses around Mini Palace as the residence of European officials who came to Banda.

If you want to learn Banda’s history, you can find many historical records in the Rumah Budaya. VOC’s relics in the form of various types of cannons, as well as some paintings of the era are also available here.

Beside the amazing history, Banda also has amazing marine life. There are 22 dive sites in the waters of Banda Neira, including Tanjung Barat Pulau Pisang, Selamo Village (Banda Besar Island), Burang Cape (Banda Besar Island), Batu Kapal, Mandarin City (Jetty Reef), and Pasir Putih (Lighthouse Pulau Neira).


From Ambon, you still have to use another plane to reach Banda Neira. Another option is to cross Banda Sea by ferry from Ambon.


Travelers can choose to stay at the hotel, guest house, or homestay, like The Maulana Hotel, Mutiara Guest Hotel, Vita Guest House, and Pondok Wisata Matahari.


Fish with nutmeg sauce is Banda typical food which has spicy and sour taste. You must try it when visiting Banda Neira. This dish usually use red snapper served with papaya leaf “urap” and sambal Bekasang.


In general, the atmosphere of Banda city is fairly quiet. Banda Neira start to be crowded when the Pelni ship docked.

Banda Neira in pictures: Klik here


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