Malioboro Street, From Street Food to Malls

Malioboro, Wisata Yogyakarta
Jalan Malioboro Terbentang Hingga Keraton Sultan Yogyakarta

    For those of you who are fond of shopping, JalanMalioboro (Malioboro Street) in Yogyakarta is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Java Island. The Malioboro Street has a row of street vendors, who sells Yogyakarta`s handicrafts ranging from printed t-shirts to batik clothes.

     Malioboro Street stretches from Tugu of Yogyakarta up to the intersection of Post Office in Yogyakarta that spans for about 500 meter long. This road is an imaginary line of the Yogyakarta`s Keraton (palace) that connects the Mount Merapi-Tugu (the palace) - the southern sea.

     Malioboro is short for `Maliyasaka Bara` means Glory from Odisey. In the early years, the ambition of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX is to make Malioboro Street area as a center of glory. This today is proven by the street that never empty from visitors.

    For those of you who are interested in history, Malioboro has several historic attractions such as the Tugu palace, the State Palace`s Tugu Station Monument Building, Beringharjo Market, Vredeburg Fort and the March 1 SeranganOemoem Monument.

     Malioboro is the center of the largest tourist area of Yogyakarta surrounded with many hotels, restaurants, and shops nearby.

     The sidewalks along Malioboro Street on both sides are always crowded with small stalls selling a variety of goods.

     At night, there are a number of `lesehan` (Enjoying the food while sitting on the floor) food stalls across the street.

     While enjoying your special Yogyakarta signature dish, you will be entertained by many street artists, street musicians, painters, and other artists` performance.

     Besides Malioboro`s roadside food stalls you can also visit the Beringharjo Market or Mirota to buy some Yogyakarta`s batik.

     After you`re worn out of exploring the Malioboro Street, there are other interesting options to enjoy the night. The most interesting is the traditional typical Yogyakarta style carriage ride or locally known as Andong.

    Andong (horse carriage) in Yogyakarta is different from other similar cart across Indonesia because it has longer trains and has two pairs of wheels.

Transportations means to Malioboro Street

    Once you have arrived at Tugu Station, Jogjakarta you can take the rickshaw, horse caart or just have a walk, given the station`s distance to Malioboro is approximately only 100 meters.

     This station is only operating for the inter-city passenger trains such as the Business and Executive class, Prameks (Prambanan Express) and Madiun Jaya.

     For those who come by bus, you can ride on the Trans Jogja Bus Route 3A from Giwangan bus terminal or take the Route 2A Trans Jogja from Jombor bus Terminal.

Rooms to stay

     You dont have to worry where you spend the nights in Malioboro, as the area is packed with hotels to accommodate tourists in experiencing the hospitality of Yogyakarta people and culture.

     There are a number of five-star hotels with full amenities in Yogyakarta namely Hotel Mutiara, Ibis, and Inna Garuda Hotel as an option for you to stay.

    But if you want to stay in a cheaper place, may be you can check some rooms at Gang Sastrowijoyan and Gang Dagem that provides a variety of lodging at a price suitable for backpackers.

Local most wanted dish

     While in Malioboro, you might as well have a taste of Yogyakarta`s special dish such as pecel, stew jack fruit, chicken satay, ginger ale, boiled noodles and other food are available along Malioboro Street with cheap price.

     To take home some local snack as souvenir, you can buy some BakpiaPathok as an ultimate choice when in Yogyakarta. You just ask a rickshaw driver to take you to the nearest Bakpia outlets in Malioboro.

Tips while you`re there

    Just take extra care that when you`re riding rickshaw, don`t hesitate mentioning the destination you are going or you might end up taken to places that do not need to visit and pay more than you`re supposed to.

    And other little tips when you`re shopping in Malioboro, make sure that you bargain 75 percent off the offered price then gradually increase the price, usually you can reach an agreement to pay 50 percent off the offered price.

    Once you`ve found the items you want to buy, make sure you keep the goods you want after you paid, don`t return it to the seller, given that there are a number of cheating sellers who like to swap the goods you buy for lower quality goods than the items on display.

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