Special Yogyakarta Dish Must Hunt

Gudeg Yu Djum
Gudeg (foto : Doc)

    Yogyakarta city is known as a the city of student, art centre and the centre for the Javanese cultural, where most likely culture has a strong relation with its culinary products.

    Yogyakarta offers a diversity of local, tasty and unique dishes, which starts from "Bakpia" cake to sweet jackfruit stew with coconut milk "Gudeg".

    Here are lists of the city's special cuisine you must hunt down to experience the local taste.

Javanese Noodle (Bakmi Jawa)

    Bakmi Jawa has an outstanding distinct taste from other noodle dish in the country it also has its own signature. Besides its savory signature taste, Bakmi Jawa is also usually cooked using a charcoal brazier or known as "Anglo".

    While in Yogya you can try to visit the two most famous Bakmi Jawa restaurants, namely the Bakmi Jawa Mbah Mo and Bakmi Jawa Kadin.

    The location of Bakmi Jawa Mbah Mo is very isolated in the Code village, but it has successfully become the favorite food of high rank public officials and celebrities when visiting Yogyakarta.

    As for the Bakmi Jawa Kadin which has been widely known from a long time ago is located close to Pakualaman, just next to the Superindo Supermarket.


    Visiting the city is not yet complete if you have not tasted Yogya's signature dish, Gudeg. There are many Gudeg sellers all across Yogya which possibly gives you more options to taste the traditional cuisine or may be confusion in deciding where to eat. Here we will show the uniqueness of Gudeg in Jogja.

    Gudeg Yu Djum, a legendary Gudeg in Yogja. If you want to enjoy the convenience, you should dine in at Yu Djum's in Mbarek area Jl Kaliurang Selokan Mataram, near the MM UGM Yogyakarta. Yu Djum's Gudeg is well known domestically locally and worldwide.

    Yu Djum's Gudeg is a must visit Gudeg seller and can be your culinary reference in Yogyakarta.

    Besides Gudeg Yu Djum, you must also try Gudeg Pawon. Where a typical Gudeg culinary sensation in Yogyakarta is serve in a kitchen, as Pawon is Javanese for Kitchen. As one of the famous Gudeg house, Gudeg Pawon opens only at a unique time, 11.00 pm to 02.00 am on Jl. Janturan deket (South of Pamella convenient store on Jl. Kusumanegara).

Mangut Lele Mbah Marto

    Mangut Lele (catfish), as the name implies the dish offers refined cuisine of catfish. Unlike ordinary catfish dishes, before cooked in savory and spicy sauce curry like coconut milk, the catfish is first grilled on a furnace.

    Mbah Marto's Mangut Lele that has been famous for a long time is located in the Geneng Sewon hamlet, Bantul, or just behind the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta. Despite the restaurant is named the Warung Sego Gudeg Geneng Mbah Marto, which also sells Gudeg, but it famous for its Mangut Lele cuisine.

Oseng Mercon (Stir Fried Mercon)

    The dish has been famous for the hot and spicy food lovers. Oseng Mercon got its name for its high level of spiciness just like eating a firework (Mercon) in your mouth. The most famous Oseng Mercon in Yogyakarta is Oseng - Oseng Mercon Bu Hadi. The Oseng Mercon house is located on Jl. Nyi Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta, west of PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital or 300m from the Main Post Office's intersection.


    Brongkos is a well maintained heritage recipe of red beans and jackfruit vegetable soup. This food is made from tofu and red beans with a thick blend of coconut milk and fresh meat broth.

    Brongkos is usually served in the morning, or a main breakfast menu.

    One of the famous Brongkos in Yogyakarta is Brongkos Bu Padmi that is located under the Krasak Tempel Sleman Bridge.

Beringharjo Fried Rice

    Beringharjo Fried Rice is the legendary fried rice in Yogyakarta which cooked with chicken and pork has been sold since the 1960s. The secret seasoning is believed to made the famous fried rice is very tasty. The aroma of the garlic used in the special dish is not too strong with a flavor that is not too salty or too sweet. Beringharjo fried rice can be found every night at 19:00 at Jl. Pabringan 1, Yogyakarta.

Sate klathak Pak Pong

    This one is for the sate lovers, you must try the Klathak Satay Pak Pong while in Yogyakarta, as Klathak Satay is different from the common sate because it uses iron skewer of bicycle spokes to hold the lamb meat.

    These iron skewers believed a good heat conductor so the meat is also cooked from the inside. The marinade used was not the common as sate sauce. The sate sauce is only using salt and a small amount of cilantro.

    Pak Pong's Sate klathak house is located in East Imogiri Road, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

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